NW 963 was purchased from Stephane' at the ARBA Convention in 2007 at Grand Rapids. He was our choice of the bucks Stephane offered us. After seeing what the NorthWind genetics could produce on our does from NW619, he was a very logical choice. We love his loin. Wide, deep, long and HARD. He also has great depth and superior fur. He is prepotent, as he generates his attributes on almost every doe we breed to him. Possibly his best attribute is his aggressive libido with an almost pet like demeanor. He has sired several BIS's and a 2nd place Jr. Buck at the ARBA Convention in 2008 at Louisville for Wayne Coffey. He is back at home now and I hope he lives forever. I am breeding does to him currently.
DB6 was bred here and was the first buck we have retained out of NW 963. He combines NW 963 with our "Z" rabbits. He is probably better balanced than his sire, with a shorter mid-section and slightly deeper shoulders. He did retain his sires extrene loin and great fur. We believe he will be prepotent. He carries the extreme shoulder depth and chest floor of the "Z" rabbits with the squareness and length of loin of NW 963, and we expect him to sire more shoulder depth than he exhibits himself. Like his father, he would "breed a tomcat" and is very friendly. We are test breeding him to see if he will meet our expectations.
CD 710 is a NW 619 son bred by Wayne Coffey while he was using 619. NW 619 was our first Nadeau buck and improved our fur almost overnight. He possessed a superior loin - long, wide, deep and HARD, and just super fur. Although he had some parts you would like to improve upon, he easily made the largest improvements of any buck we have owned. CB 710 is everything his dad was, and then some. The first babies out of him look super, and he is passing on that super depth. I wish I had bred more does to him this spring. He DEFINATELY will be used more in the future. We know know that he crosses very well on 963 daughters. He also produced 1 County Fair Grand pen, 1 Reserve Grand pen and the 3rd place , out of 43 meat pens at the Indiana State Fair in 2010. Deep, hard and wide.
NW 963
CB 710
DB17 is another NW963 son, but this time out of DD300, the densest rabbit we have produced, until her son arrived. By dense I mean he is "pounds heavy", or simply wieighs more than he looks he would. I didn't know what to do with him last fall so I kept him and we are glad we did! He kept growing, improving and got heivier! He has a great appetite and is a very aggressive breeder. He has sired several litters and we are still finding out what he can contribute. He seems to work great on larger, "framier" does. He weighed just shy of 10 pounds on 9-16-10 when we took his picture
DB14 is a CB 670 son out of a former Grand Champion meat pen doe, C2. I wanted to keep a CB670 son after using him and this guy was my first choice. He was bred to several does this spring and so far his offspring look promising. His background, on the dam side is lined up on DB100, the sire of Joey's State Fair Grand Champion Meat Pen. We last DB100 too early years ago and we have been trying to reproduce another buck like him. DB14 has a loin that keeps improving with age. He has great balance and good fur and is an aggressive breeder. Check the Juniors page to see some of his products. He seems to be crossing on the NW963 and NW619 does pretty well.
CB789 is a 2010 addition from Wayne Coffey last summer. The first time I saw him I just had that feeling he was a good addition for us. He is a NW963 grandson on the sire side and a NW619 grandson on the dam side. This combination has begun to work well here. It took some doing to get him, but when he showed up with 5 legs it made a little more sense. He looks like he should work well with his genetic background. I will comment more when I post the picture. Great attitude and LIKES to breed.
DDN is a NW963 son and out of the NW976 doe. He has just returned from Wayne Coffey's. He was given to Wayne to interject the NW976 doe bloodlines. He is pounds heavy and smaller in physical size than the other 963 bucks. Used sparingly at first, Wayne increased his use following his first litter. He is the sire of the popular CO. doe in Wayne's sale going to David Klindt in IA for $375. We think he might be the answer to some 710 does here. Wayne stated that he greatly increased fur density.
S8 came from Joey's 3rd place meat pen at the Indiana State Fair last year. He is a DD50 (CB670 x Z3) X CB710 product. Carrying the Z bloodlines he has begun to correct shoulder depth while carrying on the shape, quantity and firmness of the loin. He has crossed well on half sisters and is maturing to about the same size as his sire, CB710. His sister, S10, is also here and may prove herself.
CB833 came here this spring from Wayne Coffey at about 8 weeks of age. He is a CB725 x CD143 son, tacking him back to NW963 on the sire side and NW619 on the doe side. CD143 was out of a Keller buck 2K7. As out start was from Bob Keller, I believe he will cross well with several of our does. Wayne thought we needed him. I must confess I didn't necessarly agree with him until about late July. I didn't realize that he is a littermate to CD89, a doe I saw back in March at Wayne's and bought in his sale. I also brought home another littermate, CD91, back in March. He was first place Sr. Buck at the IN State Convention with a bad coat of fur.